2021 Kegel/ISBPA Midwest Collegiate Classic

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Welcome to the home page for the Kegel/ISBPA 2021 USBC Tier 2 collegiate tournaments
January 16 & 17, 2021


This year's tournaments (two separate Tier 2 events on each day, maximum 40 teams per event) will be much different than any previous events we have conducted. 

You can view /download a copy of the tournament entry brochure here - it includes all of the format changes necessary to comply with the State of Illinois Covid-19 mitigation restrictions such as capacity, social distancing and cleaning measures needed to comply. We anticipate the event will fill quickly due to a limit of 40 teams total per event.  Initially we will only accept paid registration confirmations from schools that participated last year for the first 7 days of tournament registration.

There will be two squads each day limited to 20 teams each squad; Men's and Women's teams will be assigned to and compete within a single squad. The "A" SQUAD and "B" SQUAD will be limited to 20 teams each per squad, on a first-come first-served assignment basis. 

Both tournaments are now open to all school programs. There is limited availability on several squads.  Below is current availability by Tournament/Squad as of Tuesday, Dec. 1::

Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021 - Specto Collegiate Classic: A Squad- FULL;  B Squad- FULL - Waitlist Available

Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021 - Built for Bowling Midwest Classic: - A Squad- Full;  B Squad- 5 teams - A Squad Waitlist Available

You may register using the online registration link HERE

Several key adjustments have been made to the tournament regarding Covid-19 mitigation restrictions from the State of Illinois' guidelines, such as occupancy/capacity, social distancing measures & environmental cleaning protocols. Teams are allowed up to 8 rostered players and 2 coaches. All participants will be provided tournament credentials and they must always be visible. NO SPECTATORS ARE PERMITTED - No Exceptions. This Policy WILL BE STRICTLY Enforced!  In-order to socially distance the teams- there will be only one (1) team on a pair of lanes. Teams will be restricted to utilize the odd lane for their group's members, leaving one lane of distance between each team. The Baker set will be bowled at the opposite end of the center. Teams will move directly to their assigned pair of lanes & bowl unopposed. Following a 15-minute practice session, the first 8 Baker games will be bowled on the odd numbered lane & games 9-16 will be bowled on the even lane. 

$200 entry fee per tournament, per team entry. Entries will be confirmed when full payment is received -- University Check, Cashiers Checks and money orders should be made payable to ISBPA.  PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD IS ALSO AVAILABLE & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  For secure & immediate entry confirmation contact Connie at (847) 982-1305, extension 2.

The event will utilize Kegel's Sport Patterns. Team & Baker sets will each have a different sport pattern, and each tournament will feature its own lane patterns. All Kegel Sport Series oil patterns are USBC Sport Bowling compliant, which adhere to ratios of 3:1 or less. The Tournament Lane Patterns will be announced January 4, 2021 on the Illinois State BPA Collegiate Tournament Web page.

Check the Hotel link provided in the tournament flyer or at this LINK to secure special school lodging rates.

Schedules for both Tournaments

Saturday, January 16 & Sunday, January 17, 2021 


     6:30 am - Team Check-In Open     

7:00 am  -  Coaches Meeting    

         7:15 am - Warm-Up/Practice Session

                  7:30 am  - Games 1-2 regular team games

                                10:00 am  - Baker set Warm-Up/Practice Session     

                              10:15 am  - 16 Baker Games (Two 8-game blocks)


                   2:00 pm  - Team Check-In Open                

2:30 pm  - Coaches Meeting  

             2:45 pm  - Warm-Up/Practice Session

                    3:00 pm  - Games 1-2 regular team games

                                  5:30 pm  - Baker set Warm-Up/Practice Session     

                                5:45 pm  - 16 Baker Games (Two 8-game blocks)